Jumpy Kitty Cat - Jumping Game

Jumpy Kitty Cat - Jumping Game 1.1

Jumpy Kitty Cat - beautiful and very dynamic casual game.

Jumpy Kitty Cat - beautiful and very dynamic casual game.

Jumpy Kitty Cat - beautiful and very dynamic casual game.

In this game cat Diana which dreams about diamond will need you to help her to go through different obstacles and nasty enemies to make her dream come true - get the DIAMOND!

Help Diana to overcome nasty enemies which will do everything possible to prevent gorgeous red coated kitty to get closer to her dream.

But don't worry, our beautiful kitty has great jumping skills and incredible agility which can be very helpful in achieving her goal in this game.

Get ready for the action!

Jumping from pillow to pillow precisely will require from you all your patience, concentration and quick reaction to keep kitty jumping up! Don't let angry rat and black bat from dropping your kitty down!

Train your skills, go further, try new tricks and ways to collect new achievements every time beating your friends best scores!

Amazing graphics and smooth animations which diligently produced for you will inspire and addict and make you love this game as we do!

Jumpy Kitty Cat features:

* Easy to master and fun to play game

* Amazing colors, smooth and beautiful animations

* Unique characters and design

* Jump up from pillow to pillow

* Collect coins

* Find and take rare achievements - Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups!

* Smash enemies and slippery banana from your way

* Throw wool balls to smash distant enemies

* Take wooden chests with balls to get more balls

* Pass all challenges and win Super Prize - DIAMOND!

Jumpy Kitty Cat is a family game which is suitable and fun for all ages!

Play it with your kids or just when you are on your way to the office in traffic jam or in subway.

Jumpy Kitty Cat cannot wait more to play with you!

Thank you for choosing this game! We made it for you!

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Enjoy the world of Jumpy Kitty Cat!

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Jumpy Kitty Cat - Jumping Game


Jumpy Kitty Cat - Jumping Game 1.1

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